collaboration with Chen YowRuu

陳侑汝 X 區秀詒
物件、聲音、動力、影像裝置 /2017

If We Do Not Exist, How Could Our Memories Remain and Not Pass into Silence
Chen YowRuu X Au Sow Yee
objects, sound, kinetic, film and video installation/2017 / dimensions variable

If We Do Not Exist, How Could Our Memories Remain and not Pass into Silence constructs a “memory map” between one object and another. These objects hint at the sum total of human activity. Translated into sound and visual elements, they form a statement linking personal memories, historical memories, geographical memories and local memories. The artists appeal to the senses, using their own bodily expressions to chart a sound score during the process of field collection, and from this they produce an aural map of modernology. At the same time, the trajectories of the body, society and history are manifested through the “performances” of objects. Somewhere between acts of precision and unpredictable accidents, the works are formed by coincidental events. Here, visitors interact and collide with the performers’ bodies, objects and sounds as they are occasionally introduced. Thus, hearing becomes the force driving the complex connections between the body, memory and history.


Video Documentation of the Work